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Making of Lead Pellet Molds

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Making a Lead Ball Mold

With the test barrels I am limited to buying DOM and working with the diameter that
is comes in (for now). Therefore I had bought .395" hard lead balls as my barrel
groove diameter was .387. I still had to size the balls. I wanted to see how well
I could make a mold to make a lead ball as close to the size as required to fit properly
without having to size. This mold is simple. It is awkward as I do not use a handle,
but for trying out it works. I drew the ball mold in CAD and then made a CAM program.

Due to the odd size you would either have to have a cutter custom
ground to size or in this case use standard cutter and make a CNC program. I didn't
have enough time to make a lot of lead balls. One sphere is .005" larger in diameter
then the other as I wanted to check the groupings from a looser to tighter ball. Lead
has to be fairly hot to flow properly and I wasn't getting complete uniform balls as
I used a torch for heat source. Another issue could be a vent for the air to go, will
have to machine a few more to that air can escape as the sphere is filled. Hope this
gives someone a few ideas to make their own molds.

Need reference materials for machining?

I have collected a few books on Amazon for referencing. The "Machine
Shop Trade Secrets" is a very good book to own. Author has written a
book with lots of practical machining examples.

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