Concept4, Page 7 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

Continued from Page 6. Showcasing the making of the airgun I
designed using Buckley's reservoir design as a base.

November 13, 2010

Here are pictures of some of the machining I did on November. Rifles are almost complete as
machining is concerned. I have to make the stock and add the wood. Then polish all the aluminum
and do a final fit on all parts.

First picture I am taken off extra material and milling the action closer to final size.

Milling the 45 degree angle, before and after.

Here the grip area is milled to finished dimension.

Here I am milling the action block top area and the scope mount groove. Before and after.

Test fitting a scope mount afer machining the grooves. Next picture the two actions machined.

Setting up to mill a groove that will mount the aluminum stock arm. Before and after pictures.

A final fitting with pins to guide the grip to action. You may notice an extra pin along with
the brass pins for the sear and trigger. I had to add one to keep the trigger from rotating
to far forward.

Machined the bolt and tapped a hole on the end. Then assembled with o-rings. I did another
test fire and now waiting for time to finish the rifles.

I plan on adding one more page after this one to show the final completion of these
rifles. I may add more pages to detail how I make out with registering my rifle an show the
group shots I get. Thanks for viewing the pages.

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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