The MPA - Book

Mr. Buckley let me know through email that as of Sept. 5, 2012, he has a new batch
or reprints of both books. I do not know the quantity available. Contact him through
email below. Again, be patient and wait for a reply from him.

I orginally was going to order a few books for further distribution on Canada and the USA.
There wasn't enough interest to warrant the cost and time to do so. Therefore I asked Mr. Buckley
if I could post his address and email. If you would like a copy of his book write to or
email Mr. Buckley. He may still have a few copies left from the original printing.

Send letter to:

Modern Pneumatic Airgun
East Lodge, Snaith Road
East Corwick, Goole
East Yorkshire
DN14 9DA England


Mr. Buckley will respond to your letters and email. Give him sometime to respond.

Questions or comments about this page feel free to send an email.


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