Homemade Pellet Trap

About a year or more ago, I found the website for a bullet trap designed
for firing ranges. Snail Traps had designed a nice trap but seems their site is
no longer on line (May 2020) a unique and simple bullet trap
that effectively slow the bullet down and collects the lead at the bottom
of the trap. Visit the site to see how it works. The idea is simple enough
and I thought it would be good to have something like it to shoot into.

The trap is basically a pipe that I cut in two to get two halves. I then
offset the two halves of pipe like the snail trap and cut some sheetmetal
to use a 8.5 X 11" paper size. I tapered the sheetmetal into the opening of
trap to collect pellets and other projectiles. I made little hinge door at
the bottom but think I could have left it out. The larger projectiles seem
to mushroom to large to get through the opening. It is a good way to collect
lead and remelt to make more pellets, bullets etc. I have shot mostly .22
pellets into it and also when trying the .38 cal barrels I have made. Seems
to hold up but is full of dents. A .22 firearm would work with it as well. As
for highpower rifle I would then use a heavier gage sheet metal. To hold the
paper in place I used 1x1 angle iron and welded them to the sides. Some magnets
hold the paper in place. Easy to remove and place a fresh target on the trap.

I find that using a cardboard backing behind the paper target keeps the paper
from ripping when shot through.

Hope the pictures provide ideas for you to build your own trap

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