Concept4, Page 6 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

Continued from Page 5. Showcasing the making of the airgun I
designed using Buckley's reservoir design as a base.

October 31, 2010

Here are pictures of some of the machining I did on October. I am far behind with posting
pictures as I was to busy with machining and excited about how close I was to being able
to fire the rifle.

First picture shows the drilling the port in both the action block and valve.

Valve body with screws in place and valve. Valve body is CNC machine and stainless. I had to polish
the inside against where the valve seats. One valve sealed on first attempt, still hacing trouble
with second valve. I will have to make another plastic valve and see if that was the issue.

Here the slot for the hammer/striker handle is machined.I test fitted all the parts and
seemed to fit well at that time.

Here is a close up of the hammer and spring end cover in the background. Buckley uses a
very simple sear and trigger, with a groove in the hammer to set the sear into.

November 3, 2010

Here is a close up of both the valves. Spring end nut in place and plastic seal. Two 1/8 holes
transfer air from the bottle to the valve body. I am thinking of machining the inside of the valve
to store a higher volume of air but not sure it is required. Perhaps later after I get the rifle registered
I will rework the valve to push more volume to get a high FPS.

I made a very quick tool to be ablet o screw the nut into the valve body. At first I was going to drill
four holes into the nut, but settled for two. If it needs more later I will add them then. That is the reason
for the spot drill on the nut.

The valve body, valve, spring and spring retention nut layed out.

November 6, 2010

I began work on the trigger and sear. I used CAD/CAM software to create a program to mill
the outline of each.

Here is the semi finished look at the trigger and sear. From here I cut them out on a band
saw and then used bench grinder to remove excess material. I also predrilled the 1/8 holes and drilled
them after.

I test fitted the sear and trigger using 1/8 drill bits. The extra trigger and sear are laying

Charged the tank to 2100 PSI, thats all I have left in my scuba tank currently. I used a
shoulder bolt for the handle and test fired the action with no barrel. After a successful
test and ensureing the seal was working on the valve I continued.

The barrel installed and loading the first pellet.

Here is the result of the very first shot. There wasn't enough tension on spring to get any
penetration. Made a small alteration and next two shots penetrated well.

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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