Concept4, Page 2 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

On this page will be showcasing the making of the airgun I designed using Buckley's
reservoir design as a base. There are still a few things to be worked out in the design
as I make the airgun. I was going to build three, but decided on two. The reason being
I have enough material to make an additional two rifles and can finalize the design and make
the others using all the improvements from the first two airguns.

March 21 - 2009

Last night I worked till 9:30 pm. I had a chance to work on the actions for the
two rifles I am making. Unfortunately I could not finish the 1.0 inch bore. We
have boring bars but do not work well in the mill. I would like to do it on the
lathe we have, but my dad isn't keen on switching chucks on a big lathe because of
accuracy. So I may outsource the bore. I did finish the barrel bore. Got a good snug
fit between bore and barrel. Will be using three set screws and possibly some lock tight
when complete. Also, if I do get the aluminum parts anodized, I am sure that will add
some material for a tighter fit?

Action block for the airgun was placed in a vise. Proceeded to drilled through under
size. I used a CNC mill so I could circle interpolate the holes. Basically make a CAM
program for the CNC machine to read and move the tool in a circular path.

Here I was checking the fit of the barrel. A few more thousands of an inch and
the barrel started to slide in. If I had taken one more thousands of an inch (0.001")
the barrel would have been to loose. Aluminum machines easily so really watch your
increments when machining.

I need to make some changes on the grib-trigger mount. A little to wide for comfort.
Will make those changes soon. I have added the copyright to all pictures. Mainly
to support Mr. Buckley's design, as well as the changes I have made. I am taking more
pictures then I show and may use them to create my own book in the future with complete
plans. Send me an email if that would be of interest. Thanks for reading.

March 14 - 2009

Got to the shop at 11:00 am. Worked on a customer job till 1:00 pm and then setup
to cut and square the aluminum blocks that will will be used for the actions of the
airguns. I had 1.5 X 4" alumium on hand, and only needed 1.5 X 3" so cut off an inch
to save on machining and perhaps use the cutoffs for something else?

Action blocks for the air rifle squared up and milled to size.

Created a layout of the two trigger guard - grip frame. Helped in figuring out how
to mill the grip bodies. Most of our clamps for work holding were used up on our
big mill so I improvised using a vise.

Milling the trigger guard-grip frame profiles.

One trigger guard-grip frame profile complete. The other needs a little milling.
I ran out of time. Still need to create a recess for wood grips, screw holes, mill
slots etc.

Hoping I can get more done during the next week as time allows. Will try to
update this page weekly to show progress on the airgun making.

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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