Oct 042020

Thought I would provide an update for my wife’s condition. Cannot believe its been 3 months, going on 4.

A lot of up and downs in the last few weeks. She was on a steroid since June, and was to be tapered off but doctors missed it. Side affects are retaining water, her ankles and legs were swollen, her mobility suffered. Doctors finally are tapering it off and her walking has improved. Had many tests last few months. Recent CT scan shows no new tumors growing (at this point) but she had bad pain last week. The CT scan did show severe blood clotting in her lungs so we were told to visit ER immediately. She is on blood thinners now and antibiotics.

We meet with the oncologist next week as chemo might be use once more to improve her quality of life. Her cancer is metastatic and slowly spreading. The tumors in her brain have shrunk from radiation, but always risk of more forming. She forgets words, and where I am at times etc. I asked our local cancer doctor about he initial ER doctors prognosis and she said not to go by that as they really do not know. He had said she has 6 to 12 months.

So we take things day by day. Some days are long. We are hoping another treatment would at least allow her to be more mobile and feel “better” so she can go out and enjoy the time she has left. Being stuck in bed or a chair all day is no life.

Needless to say I am not building, shooting or much during this time. Thanks for visiting the site!


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Jun 022020

So last few weeks my wife has been feeling off. Shooting pains into her head that only last a few seconds. Her balance feeling off among other things. We scheduled a doctor visit (over phone consultation due to covid) but things were increasingly more painful. My wife had gone through ovarian cancer last year, 18 weeks of chemo once a 1 week and we thought all was good.

Last week, May 28th, I took her to ER as her pain in the morning had increased. After waiting, and waiting, seeing a doctor who said all looked normal, he ordered a CT Scan due to my wife’s history with cancer.

My wife said when he came back he didn’t have to say much as she could see it in his eyes. His demeanor had change and she told him, you can come in and tell me, I went through this all last year.

Well her cancer is back and has metastasized. Along with forming two tumors in her brain. Doctors figure she has mayby 6 months to a year. Maybe less, maybe more, they do not know.

So with that starts all sorts of appointments again and waiting for them. Needless to say I will once again be delaying anything related to air rifles. I still hope to complete a few more pages on the .308 build but will see how things progress. I am only alloted so much time to be off as a caregiver and eventually compassionate care so we choose for me to work as much as I could now as I will need the time off later.

Thanks all who visit the site. My posts will be random as I can make time or even have time.

~ Pedro

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May 242020

I completed page 3 of my .308 airgun build. I also added the disclosure page and two previous pages on molds that I had missed.




More pages to come regarding testing the .308 big bore. I was able to get a few shots May 23, 2020 and need to make some adjustments.

Thanks for stopping by ~Pedro

May 152020

This morning I started to look through picture and create the webpage for the .308 air rifle I am building. It is modeled after the Airforce Airgun’s 45 caliber Texan. Been a long process to get the rifle as far as it is now. Many life interruptions have halted the project.

Due to the covid 19 outbreak my work is slow and down to 3 working days a week. This allows for more time for projects at home and decided it was time to once again tackle this project and to do some actual airgun shooting.

I have setup the new page on the Airgun Projects menu. Page 1 is complete. You can visit the page here… https://airgundevelopment.com/308bigborepg1.html

Thanks for stopping by. ~Pedro

May 092020

I spent almost all day Friday and Today (Saturday) discerning the code to create a drop down menu that would be adequate for mobile devices. I am hoping that the new menu will make the site more user friendly.

Now I can focus back on the .308 build that I haven’t posted. I will try to get up some posts in the next few days. All new content will be posted here so that visitors are aware. Check out the site airgundevelopment.com

Thanks ~ Pedro

May 082020

Over the course of this week I have been working at updating the airgundevelopment website. It has been a long while since I have posted and forgot much of the coding. Thankfully some of it comes back as you stumble along. Created a navigation menu which was lacking. Also have incorporated some coding to make the site a little more mobile friendly.

I can only do so much as to hire a professional is to expensive. So over the next few weeks expect a few things to change as you visit the site. I do hope to add a few new pages to highlight my latest .308 build.

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks ~ Pedro

May 052020

So after many years, I am finally back updating my airgun website. Many things have happened in the last seven years. I changed jobs, moved to another city and no longer had access to machinery. Recently noticed that my blog wasn’t working so have fixed this.

When I moved to my current residence I contacted a gentleman I know who was an amateur gunsmith. His full-time work was house siding and said he was to busy to do any gunsmithing. So I offered to buy out his lathe and mill.

Over the course of a few months I created my own little “shop” in my garage. Adding machines as I went along. Needed a band saw and found a used one. Needed some serious work and rebuilt it. Works well for what I use it for.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the website. I want to add a navigation bar to make it easier to move through the site. Also to make the site more mobile phone friendly. When I started the site back in 2007, mobile phones were just starting to come on the scene and I didn’t know that would be the direction media would go.

Other things have also taken place since I started this site. I had added google adsense which was a real blessing as it help pay for some things. Since about 3 years ago, Google adsense terminated my funding as I was “creating weapons” and that didn’t adhere to their new policy. So if you enjoy my site, please consider becoming a Patreon. I will be working on some benefits in different tiers over the next while.

Thanks for visiting. Pedro

Aug 292013

August is drawing to a close and along with it the nearing of fall. Summer this year in Manitoba has been odd. July was very cold, mid 60’s (16 c) and only the last two weeks have been hot and humid.

Despite the abnormal weather it seems as the farmers are still getting good crops but haven’t heard any bushel amounts. My work is agriculturally based and orders are coming to an end with production catching up.

I had wanted to spend the summer doing more shooting but looks like I will have to sneak a few evenings and Saturdays  before the cold weather sets in.

Airgun Builds

The summer project 22 will now turn into my fall project. From the little test shooting I did it seems very feasible to make a rifle to shoot the heavier 22 caliber pellets. A large valve and correct weight hammer with matched spring will make the rifle perform the way I expect.

Buckley Books

A few visitors to the website have sent emails asking about the Buckley books. Mr. Buckley still has books available for purchase. Use the email on the book pages to contact him and be patient. He does take sometime to respond but he does reply.


I would like to hear comments from visitors to my site. Looking at making changes over winter and looking at a few options. Would the site still have the same appeal if I created a more professional look to it. Add proper menus on top for navigation, more links to pages to be able to find content easier? What is missing?

  • Would a monthly newsletter be anything someone would subscribe to?
  • More focus on building with detailed pictures, do I host pages under members only?

Feel free to email your thoughts. I welcome all comments to improve this site and what I do with airguns.

Thanks for reading. ~ Pedro

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Aug 062013

Well I finally joined facebook. Please find me under
airgundevelopment. Not sure if you like or add as friend, will
figure it out as I go. Looking forward to hearing from more regular
visitors and hearing what I can do better on this website. ~ Also on twitter @airgundevelop