The information presented in this website is for your own personal knowledge only!

Due to the potential of serious injury, Airgun Development, Pedro Giesbrecht can in no way
held liabable should injury or death occur from anyone attempting to build or make
their own pneumatic rifle or any type of airgun. High pressures are used and poor
judgement in machining or design practices will cause serious injury. I am a
professional toolmaker but still an amatuer at building rifles. Please heed

i) Velocity - I am a resident of Canada. Therefore I adhere to the laws governing airguns
and build my airguns to meet the requirements as such. I use a shooting chrony to
ensure I stay under the 500fps (feet per second) law. I in no way encourage anyone
to build any type of airgun that will exceed these limits, nor will I provide
information allowing others to increase the velocity above the legal limit.

Each country has its own laws regarding the power, velocity of an air rifle. Please
learn and abide by the laws in your own country.

From my understanding of the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code is that each defines
an airgun differently. When an airgun is used in a crime, velocity and power are
combined changing the classification. Please contact Canada Firearms Centre for
more information or a lawyer to clarify.
For more information on the laws governing airguns in Canada visit the link below.

Canadian Airgun Velocity Law

ii) Word of Caution - Precharge Pneumatic (PCP) rifles use very high-pressure
compressed air. Building a reservoir tank that fails to meet three times the used
pressure (3000 psi - 9000 psi safety, 1/3 ratio) could result in
serious injury or death.

Airgundevelopment, Pedro Giesbrecht, will not be held liable for any injury
or death resulting from information used in this website to construct any part
of an air rifle. The information presented on this web site is for your own
personal knowledge only.

NEVER USE OXYGEN to fill any reservoir!
Oxygen mixed with any oils will become highly explosive!