Button Rifling

August 2008 Update

During the last few weeks I have changed my focus from the #3 buckshot to
larger caliber. The reason - much more power, distance, all at under 500 FPS.
Since I am in Canada I need to stay under the 500 FPS for a non-registered
rifle. I made a new button rifling tool. Unfortunately I got a very poor inside
finish. This bore is .383" and rifling is at .387". For the life of me, I cannot
figure out what the black residue is. I cannot get rid of it.
Next time will clean the barrels before I form the rifling. Once I get better groups
I want to create .50 caliber barrel. The bigger caliber uses less air and has more
force upon firing as a smaller projectile. That way I can hopefully start getting
groups at 75 yards.

How the barrel perform? Click this Link!

June 2008 Update

I am trying to get closer to a diameter of barrel and rifling that will fire
#3 buckshot well. Still learning more about the process but my results are getting
better. I am thinking that a heavier barrel would help. Will try to get ahold of
7/16 DOM for future trails. Next button will hopefully form both the land and grooves. As you can
see in the pictures below I have left the land untouched by the button. Having
a button that will form both will make a better barrel I am sure.

Test Shooting Results June 21-08

Here are a few targets and results of the shooting I did June 21, 2008. I
got a really good group on the second target. Was 35 feet away. I tried for
55 feet and could not get things to group. Wondering if it was PSI, used 2600.
You can see on the second target that my groups got better going from 1500 to
2000 PSI. Something that I should have kept the same when moving to 55 feet.
With the things I have learned, it is time to build a better rifle that will
hopefully be fairly accurate.

November 2007

Well after months of being to busy and not finding time I was able to make my
first rifled barrel November 1, 2007. I had been researching and trying different
ideas. A friend of mine who makes carbide tooling soldered the button to a
rod for me. I setup an apparatus to button rifle through the DOM tube and
a few minutes later success. I setup to do another barrel and learned a few
more things. Now I need to lap and try the barrel with #3 buckshot.
Will update my progress when I can.


Researching Buttons - Trail & Error

I have been wanting to make my own barrels for sometime. Researching how cut
rifling machines are made and how the process is performed. Much is said about
cut rifling being better than button rifling. It seems that button rifled
airgun barrels can be as accurate as cut rifled barrels. At least if you look at two
major custom airgun makers 100 yard groupings you will see that button rifled
barrels are very accurate.

Dennis Quackenbush explains barrel making in depth on his site. See link below.

Quackenbush - Airgun Barrels

My own experiment in button rifling

Sample of DOM Tube with Rifling


Above what you see is a 3" sample DOM tube that I pushed the button through.
I wanted to see what the button would do and the rifling it would leave
in the tube. My tubing is .241" diameter. I made the button .245 as the
tubing is a little under size. Will have to size the #3 buckshot for now.
Eventually be able to make a barrel for manufactured pellets. Next step
will be to make a button rifling apparatus to rifle an entire length of tube
and see how it groups. DONE!

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