Concept4, Page 8 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

Continued from Page 7. Showcasing the making of the airgun I
designed using Buckley's reservoir design as inspiration.

Posted July, 2012

The following pages show a little more testing. Then after almost one year, I got back into finishing
these rifles. First pictures are from November 27, 2010. No pictures in 2011 as I did no work on airguns.

Did some shooting in my basement to see how the gun would work.

Target wasn't for maybe 30 feet.

Next series of pictures are taken this year. I finally started with the wood parts.

Starting in March 26, 2012.

A lot have hand filling the wood grips. I am not really a wood worker and own very little tooling
related to woodworking. I used basic files and a copy saw to trim the wood. Spent a lot of hours trimming
filing to get the correct feel. Theast picture, had a thought about making a screw adaptor to mount a
Airforce airtank inplace. But seems it might be rather long to accomidate.

Next group of pictures if from April 7, 2012

During this day I reworked my valves. They simply did not seal well so I decided to try the tapered plug
style that is common. Leaks were gone and seems to fire well. PIC 126B shows the hand grib setup. I milled
off about 1/4" as the hand grip was just to wide. Made for a much more comfortable feel afterwards.
Since the rifles were disassembled I decided to polish the aluminum. A good polish is hard to capture with
a camera but looks great! Remaining pictures are from more wood work. A neat little trick, if you want an
idea what the wood will look like finished use some mineral spirits or turpentine to bring out the grain.

I did a little velocity testing on the airguns. First shot was very dissappointing as you can see
from the Chronograph, 39 FPS! Turns out that when I had put the rifles together I had switched the
valve bodies and a slight mismatch blocked the airway.

Pictures taken April 9, 2012.

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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