Crosman 2240 Air Pistol

The following pages are intended for those who want to show off their Crosman 2240
Air Pistols and the modifications that have implemented. References to suppliers will also
be provided over time.


I will host anyone's pictures and modifications of their Crosman 2240. I have only ONE stipulation.
Due to Canadian law, airguns must be under 500 feet per second or be registered, I cannot detail or explain
how to modify airguns to increase the Feet Per Second over 500 FPS. Airguns that shoot over
500 FPS MUST be registered in Canada. Other then FPS, all trigger mods, stocks, valve work other
then for FPS, etc can me displayed.

Crosman 2240 Showcase

Your 2240 Links Here

Carl, UK (added Dec 14,12)    Custom 2240

Mr. Clark, NZ    Twin 2240 Build

Tim in NC    2240 Build

Brad    Custom Stock & Bullpup Build on 2240

Mr. R. Marks   Custom Mods to 1740

Robert    Odd Evolution - 2240

To have a page added send pictures and
details of your modifications to email:
Subject - Re: 2240

Content on your page can include your name, location etc
and also your email if you want others to contact you. I will
not forward your email to anyone if permission is not granted.

Some 2240 History & Information

It seems to be difficult to trace the starting date when Crosman started manufacturing
the 2240. I found 1998 on one site as the start date? The model is a descendant from the
model 150 manufactured from 1954-56. The 2240 comes as shown below and is relatively inexpensive
at about $80 CDN, and $60 USD pending on outlet. I will continue to look for more information
on the 2240, and if any one has more information or would like to send details please let me know.

Picture above is the 2240 from the factory. I did read somewhere that over 20 million of the 2240
model have been sold worldwide. It is easy to modify and improve on the basic plateform and many
suppliers can be found for aftermarket tune ups.

My Own 2240

I bought a 2240 intending to do a lot to it, but I have to many projects on the go.
Modifications I have done thus far are a Crosman steel breech and longer .22 barrel.

Any feedback and suggestions related to the 2240 are welcome.


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