Concept4, Page 10 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

Continued from Page 9. Showcasing the making of the airgun I
designed using Buckley's reservoir design as inspiration.

Posted July 10, 2012

These pictures represent work I did on May 24 & 26, 2012. I modified the spring cap that holds a 1/2" diameter
spring to be able to hold a 1" stiffer spring. I wanted to get the FPS (feet per second) higher with minimal
effort. Turns out it actually got worse. My FPS went down to about 600 and when I put in the original spring
was back up to 720. I will do a shoot string sometime to see just how consistant the rifle is.

May turned out to be really cold this year. I took the rifle to my dad's shop to do some indoor shooting. Wanted
to determine the accuracy of this rifle. I set up to site in the scope in the picture below. Since I hadn't
fired this gun awhile and removed the scope a few times I started at 36 feet. Not bad for a first shot! I took
four more shots and moved to 72 feet.

Then moving the target out to 84 feet. I actually shot better at the further distance as I settle down
some and relaxed. I am using Crosman Premiere HP 14.3, 22 Cal pellets. Accuracy is not to bad.


One thing I noticed was the skirts were dinged on a lot of pellets. I had to weed through to ones that looked
usuable and shot with them. Eventually will have to try JSB or better brand of pellets in the future.

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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