Concept4, Page 12 - "Buckley" Airgun

Details & Pictures Making the Airgun

Continued from Page 11. Showcasing the making of the airgun I
designed using Buckley's reservoir design as inspiration.

Posted July 10, 2012

Here are some pictures from the first real outdoor shooting I did with this rifle. Photo taken on July 9, 2012.
Target is out at 100 feet.

I shot the first three lower targets and then went on to shoot both upper corners. I managed to do a lot
better on them. With the first target and this one, I counted 50 shots. I started with pumping my 13CU tank
to 3000 PSI. After 50 shots I was down to 2000 PSI. Will be a great gun to plink with!

I wanted to try a little further so moved the target out to 130 feet. Just over 40 yards. The center
target was shot at 130 feet and the four corners back at 75 feet. As you can see by the quarter I placed
by the group, not to bad for not having real steady rest. Used the yellow measuring tape to support the forend.

This concludes the pictures or this build. Feel free to comment about anything you have seen or would
like to know. Email is below. Thank you for following this build. ~ Pedro

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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