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Condor - Modifications - Accuracy and Velocity Test

From the first time I shot the modified Condor I have been wondering at what velocity the 40 Cal ball is traveling. Today, December 27, I packed up and went to my dad's shop. Setting up the Chrony (chronograph)and a target as far as I could go indoors, in this case 64 feet or 21.3 yards. Perhaps if it warms up I will do some shooting outside at 50 yards to better determine the accuracy. It has been -20 to -25C or -4 to -13F recently. January is generally our coldest month at -40 C (-40F). Will hopefully send my scuba tank away soon or have a nitrogen source. First shot and the chrony displayed an error. Second shot showed 733 FPS. Third and fourth shot again showed an error so I have no idea at what velocity the lead balls were traveling at.

To ensure I didn't blow through or damage any of dad's property I setup three 3/4 inch thick plates that were flame cut for parts on a ditching machine built at my dad's shop. I had fired the airgun four times but only three markings are found. After shooting, I found three of the four balls. Starting with 3000 PSI after four shots I was left with just over 2000 PSI.

I only took four shots so it is not the best way to determine accuracy. Here are the results, first two shots were very close together. However, the third and forth shot were a little further apart. I think that once I get a chance to setup a better bench rest setup, the accuracy of the barrel will really be able to be determined. Hoping that my homemade barrel will be around 2 inch groups at 50 yards.

The actual ball weighs 93.2 grains and after shot, just for fun, I weighed the slug. Must have lost a little lead. The energy produced at 733 FPS with the round ball is 111.2 ft/lbs.

I am encouraged with the result and velocity.

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