My "MPR" Airgun

Last updated March 9, 2009

I built this rifle using the book I bought from The UK.

Get your own copy of "The Modern Pneumatic Airgun" book by H.M. Buckley

I thoroughly enjoyed ready and studying this book. Mr. Buckley had laid out a
very easy to follow book on build an airgun. I followed the directions in the book
and had to substitute some metric size components and machining details with imperial
Mr. Buckley describes how he built and designed the rifle and methods are used to
machine the air rifle'ss components.

Machining the breech
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The breech is probably the most difficult part to to machine on this airgun.
Not having all the radius cutters required I had to use a CNC mill and create
a tool path with a 1/2 ball endmill. Reaming the barrel was not a good experience.
Reaming is hard to get the exact size at times unless you really take your time
to check and double check the reamed hole size. The hole I created was a bit loose
for the barrel to sit snug. I used a piece of cold roll, should have used 1045 or
a better machining steel to get a better finish.

All components are to specifications in the book. As mentioned above a few parts
where modified slightly to inch because easier to get in Canada. All in all the
airgun shoots very well. I have shot a few targets and got one pest squirrel for
my brother with the airgun.

The airgun is heavy as I did not take any chances with the reservoir. I used 3/16"
wall seamless pipe. Not risking blowing up the gun or injurying myself until I had
learned more about PCP air rifles.

Assembling components for breech & trigger

Wire E DMing the Trigger Block

The trigger block requires a .250" slot through, so I cheated used our
wire E DM maching to cut it out rather then milling.

Hammer and most parts made & assembled

Cutting the Stock

Completed Pneumatic Rifle

I used an old .22 rimfire barrel for this project. Not the best barrel for pellets
as the rifling is a little deeper then an airgun barrel. Rifle is built somewhat
to guidelines of the book. A few modifications with screw sizes, procedures etc.
The valve design on this rifle is tricky. I had a hard time getting it sealed and
machining the components. Once the valve sealed it holds air for weeks and months.
I recently checked and the airgun still has a lot of air in the reservoir after sitting
for almost 8 months. I get approximately 25 to 30 good shots before the reservior becomes
low enough to affect the shot.

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