Cheap Chrony Lighting

When I first got my Chrony I realized that it would not work indoors unless
a lot of light is available. Chrony has a set of lights to purchase and at
the time thought it was to much money to spend on an accessory when you can
buy cheap night lights and tape them to the light difussers. I was able to
get the lights and cord for under $5.

Always use caution when shooting through a Chrony. One mistake and it is
shattered. I shot my first one and you cannot simply get replacement
parts. You have to purchase another!

Here are some pictures of what I did for lighting the Chrony

I cut the wires to one light and place them in parallel circuit. Since they
are 110v AC it is very easy to do.

It is always a good idea to solder all joints. Add solder to the tip of the
iron it will keep it from corrusion and clean for use next time.

I used night lights with a photocell or light sensor. I by-passed the sensor by
soldering a wire around it so that when the light is plugged in it is always
on regardless of the amount of light.

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