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Condor - Modifications - Accuracy Test July 20, 2013

First real shooting of this year!Took out the modified Airforce Condor. Winter and spring were long and it took
forever to get my scuba tank back from hydro testing. Finally received my scuba tank and then had to make time as yard
work was waiting for me. (Maybe time for a condominium, haha) Not wanting to waste air I thought firing the Condor
first would be a good idea.

Target was placed at 60 feet, about 20 yards. I then realized I had forgot to bring my shooting rest! Found
a piece of wood and used it. Wasn't steady at all and think that my groups could have been much better with a rest
But the testing gave an idea just how powerful big bore airguns are and also how accurate my homemade barrel is.

Close up of the lead balls, hard lead, show the
impact force. I was setting up for 100ft, or 30 yards. Since I had 3050 PSI on my tank, it was a good opportunity
to try distance. Fired one shot and then nothing. The valve wouldn't open. Cocked and fired again, nothing. Thought
something was really wrong when I tried to fill the air tank. The air would enter, but just bleed the tank empty when released
from the filling attachment. Since I was at work, I went into the shop and unscrewed the valve body. The brass end cap had
loosened and provided no spring pressure against the valve.

Screwing the brass nut tighter I got it working. I added an o-ring to keep it from turning back on its own and
wasn't able to tighten fully as it would lock the valve tight. I hadn't wanted to modify the original valve in anyway.
Next step will be to make a custom big bore valve for the modified Condor. The targets below, first is at 60 feet.
When I got the valve working, the distance was moved to 100 feet. I aimed for the center bulls eye and fired! Reloaded
the breech, clicked the safety and pulled the trigger. NOTHING! Something wrong again.

The feasibility of making a big bore out of the Condor are positive. I good valve will be an a great help. That
will be the next focus for this project. Air is something I may have more access to switching to nitrogen. Have a
large bottle at work, 4500 PSI and regulator. Could fill my scuba tank pending on what management has to say.Please
refer back to these pages in awhile.

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