My Start Into Airguns

When I was fourteen I bought one of my first air rifles. I still have an old
Vostok that I plinked with bought when I was a little older. It still shoots
but the seal is worn. Rifle is built very well and survived a house fire in 1998.

After years of now owning an airgun of any sort I thought it would be an idea to
purchase one seeing as I live in an area that is fairly open spaced. I bought a
Beeman 1040, Canadian Tire version. I got the rifle home I was very dissappointed
in the accuracy and quality. I thought Beemans where made in Spain turns out these
were made in China. This was my first new air rifle in 15 years. I decided to see
what was available online as to modifcations to spring air rifles. I was amazed
at how far air rifles have come. After finding numerous ideas on modifying springers,
I stumbled upon PCP (precharged pneumatic)rifles. I spent a few nights reading
everything I could find out about PCP rifles. I came across the website of
Barnes Pneumatic and that sold me on attempting to make my own rifle.

Beeman 1040 Modications

Link to Beeman 1040 modified page

Crosman 2200 Magnum Conversion

I wanted to learn about PCP and how valves worked. Someone suggested I purchase
a pump pneumatic rifle. I bought this Crosman 2200 pump rifle. The airgun served
the purpose and I then got the idea of adding a small reservoir to it. Click the
link below to see what I did.

Modified 2200

Crosman 2200 Magnum Modified Page

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