Test Rifle

The "Modern Pneumatic" air rifle has limitations when it came to shooting a heavier
homemade pellet. I decided to start making another rifle to see if I could get the
pellets to group at 100 yards. I am using this build as a test rifle to try different
spring tensions, hammer weights, hole diameters and valves designs.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Here you see the hammer tube and valve block. I was going to use the top block as
my breech but decided on something a little simplier.

Mounted a round shaft to the hammer tube. The barrel mounted to the gun is a 24" Crosman
and the other is a .308 that I was given from a gunsmith.

The rifle does not have a reservior at this time. I am going to add one soon. It is
a little hard to fire from the bottle as the "whip" from the bottle tends to stiffen
at high pressure. Using the trigger from the "Modern Pneumatic" I shot a few pellets
with it. Didn't group all the well as didn't have a sturdy rest to keep the rifle steady.

Here is a look at the .304 pellet. I made a mold to cast the pellets.
Note the comparison to a Crosman .22 Hollow Point.

I took out the test rifle and shot from a distance of about 100 feet.

Some pictures of the my setup.

Target at 100 feet, results. For taking out the gun the first time and shooting pellets from a
mold I made in 1 hour I think the results are reasonable.

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