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Page 1 - Russian Custom Made Airguns

On these Russian pages you will find a collection of custom made airguns
and some descriptions as to how they work.
I discovered an old posting in the yellow forum posted in (2007) related to a custom
made, semi-automatic air rifle. I clicked the links to the Russian site. Reviewing
the pictures on the site gave me a real appreciation for the ability in both design
and building of the airguns this maker has. I sent an email to the fellow and a few
weeks later, his friend replied as the airgun maker doesn't read and write english.
He was enthusiastic about allowing his pictures to be displayed here.

Victor designed and built this homemade pistol at his shop. He had no blueprints
to work from. He designed the gun for minimal amount of parts. The pistol can be
assembled in 5 minutes. It has a 5 shot clip that automatically positions to the
next pellet when fired. When the pistol is cocked and fired, the valve is designed
to recock the hammer and advance the magazine. The rifle can be fired as fast as the
trigger is pulled.

Semi-Auto Pistol

15 Shot Semi-Automatic Rifle

I found this rifle in the James Kitching Forum a few weeks back when I was
looking for informatoion about magazines and clips for holding pellets. I have studied
the pictures and think I can see at least how the rifle cycles upon firing.
This air rifle design is based on an FX Monsoon PCP. This rifle is also made
by Victor.

Finished Semi Automatic Air Rifle

Parts and Mechanics of the Air Rifle

Based on an FX Monsoon PCP rifle, Victor has create a mechanism to advance
the magazine and cock the hammer using blow back from airgun when fired.

These pictures are of the clip. It is difficult to see how this gun indexes
to the next pellet and perhaps the builder will explain later.

Here you can the design process of the action. Looks like a few concepts had been
worked out. Caught these images from the forum and they may give someone reading
these pages an idea to build their very own!

Modified Pistols and Air Rifles - By Victor

Here are some links to the Russian forum. These are modifications Victor has
made on various airguns. I have posted the links that show only a pictures format
on the left side of the screen. If you click a picture you will need to find a
website translator to turn the Russian to English so some understanding can be
gained from the posting. There may be other unrelated pictures in the post, ignore.

Featured - Semi Auto Pistol Video (Scroll Down)

"The Crocodile" PCP

IZH 46 - Pistol turned into PCP

PCP Beretta

If anyone has questions about the above builds feel free to contact myself.
I can forward your email to Victor and his friend will translate and respond
for him. Thank you for ready the pages.

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