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NOTE: This is not Robert lane's website. Contact him via youtube.

Builds by Robert Lane - UK

Robert Lane has designed and made approximately 67 airguns. I had put him in the "hobby" category but he is
a professional builder, so I also placed links into both the hobby and pro builder pages. Mr. Lane has created rifles
for companies and individuals. Some of his airguns might be far more than $5000,00 as they were designed and
manufactured. Robert added up the last project and mentioned that was approximately a $40,000.00 investment.

Making complete airguns from design to commercial production is very expensive.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Lane's website that he shared with me.

Here are some other things that are made by Robert Lane. From night vision rails to regulators!

Mr. Lane has a YOUTUBE channel with videos of a lot of his work. Robert Lane Design

NOTE: Again, this is not Robert lane's website.
Contact him via youtube or ebay. I have removed my email from this page.