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Dillmore - Bolt Action Airgun Build

Custom airgun built by Dillmore. Type is precharged pneumatic using 6 cubic feet scuba pony tanks.
Repressurize gun by simply changing tanks. Overall length 60 inches (yes, thats 5 feet), weight 20.6lbs.
Caliber .45, barrel length of 31 inches with 10 inch long noise supressor. Built-in pressure gage visible
from shooting position. Uses illuminated 3-dot crossbow scope.

Three custom-made bullets:
170 grain .445 caliber cast lead "mini-ball" pellet (hunting and general use)
130 grain hardend tool-steel bullet .386 caliber with .45 caliber plastic sabot (metal piercing)
95 grain hollow-point lead bullet .386 caliber with .45 caliber plastic sabot (hunting)
Estimated velocity 700-800 fps, noise level is LOUD
(neighbor thought I was shooting off M-80 fire crackers).