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Crosman 2240 Showcase

Clark's 2240 Air Pistol

Mr. Clark allowed me to post this 2240 build he did! Totally amazing!

22xx twin pistols reached a blistering 1185 fps!
(with 9.6gr) but more relevantly, peaking just over 40 ft-lbs of muzzle energy with heavies.
This is a pair of 2240 PCP twins I've finished building and tuning. All of the stainless
go-faster bits are my own, and there's a few new internal tricks I tried out which have worked
very well to allow operation at this pressure and power level with the 22xx's limited hammer stroke.

Barrel length: 12.9"
Reservoir: 59cc
Fill Pressure: 220 bar
Maximum power: 40.4 ft-lbs (28.55gr Eun Jins @ 798fps) / 39.0 ft-lbs (16gr @ 1048 fps)
Shot count: 14 shots above 20 ft-lbs starting at a 220bar fill.
Peak efficiency: 15 bar-cc/fpe
Average efficiency: 21 bar-cc/fpe
Mass: 1.3kg (2.9 lbs)
Length O/A: 417mm (16.4")

Here's a shot string using 16.0gr AA's, starting at 220bar:

MV(fps) ME(ft-lbs)
1011 36.3
1048 39.0
1029 37.6
1010 36.3
1000 35.5
982 34.3
952 32.2
956 32.5
910 29.4
911 29.5
881 27.6
812 23.4
804 23.0

End: 70bar

I checked the chrono prior and afterwards with 3 different guns to be sure
of the readings. The difference between the bang of the 16gr doing 1048fps
and the BANG of the 9.6gr doing 1185fps (supersonic) is surprising and left
my ears ringing.

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Any feedback and suggestions related to the 2240 are welcome.