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Crosman 2240 Showcase

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Carl's 2240 Air Pistol

2240 First Modifications.
Email sent from Carl residing in the area of Lancashire in England. Carl thought he would share photos
of his finished 2240 modification.

In his own words..."I just bought the standard 2240 brand new from my local gun shop then searched around for where
I could buy custom parts for it from. Besides the brass main tube cap and the brass threaded filler cap which
I bought on eBay, all the other parts I bought (site link didn't work anymore)a few parts at a time. Got the Palm
Wood grips from as well to finish my gun off. The parts I bought from this site are GMAC custom parts. So all I
have done is swapped the standard parts on the 2240 for ready made custom parts but I still really love it.

Here is a list of the mod parts:
Palm Wood, wood grips.
Brass Silencer Adaptor 50mm long with a male 1/2" x 20 tpi UNF thread.
Brass Screw on Muzzle flip/Thread protector.
Brass Mk2A Trigger.
Stainless Steal Trigger Sear.
Adjustable Trigger Spring.
Full stainless steal screw kit.
Long Brass Breech with standard scope rails and cross dovetail for MIM sights.
Brass Breech End Cap.
Brass Main Tube End Cap.
Power Hammer Spring with brass guide.
Extended Brass Probe and Bolt Handle.
Brass Barrel Band.
Brass Safety Bar.
Brass Threaded CO2 filler cap.
Whisper 130 air Rifle Silencer.
AGS Cobalt long eye relief Air Pistol Scope.

Further modifications to Carl's 2240.

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Any feedback and suggestions related to the 2240 are welcome.


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