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Update Page - Airgun Development

Hello airgun enthusiasts!
I decided to create a page that outlines where I am at with current
building and experimental projects. It is difficult to update pages every
week so thought a page where I can highlight additions and current
development stages might be welcomed by some visitors.

May 7/09

Please visit my blog for further updates. Click link below.

www.airgundevelopment/blog Update Page

April 18/09

Last two weeks been assisting with quotes for a customer to rebuild his business
after fire destroyed everything. I have made a decision to start my own shop and
hopefully all will work out with finances.

I added another Russian airgun builder to my collection. SergeyZ has built a very
appealing pistol and I wanted others to see it. He since has given me permission
through an interpreter that has been in contact regarding Victor's airguns. The
Russian show a lot of ingenuity in regards to building their airguns with limited
machinery available to them.

Reminds me of the stories my dad tells me - growing in nothern Mexico in the 50's.
My grandpa had an old lathe driven with a side PTO from tractor. Just like the museum pieces
we see now adays that have the belt coming from the tractor through a hole in the
wall, which in turn runs all the machinery in the shop. They
would cast their own pistons, machine the piston as best they could and run the small
engine that provided electricity and the mechanical power required around the farm.
Why did they do this? No money and parts came from USA and hard to get at that time.

From the way I see things progressing I will not be getting back to building
airgun related items till June. Hopefully all will work itself out by then. Thanks
for reading the pages and please send an email if any comments or questions arise.
If you are building an airgun and want it hosted on the custom builders page - send
me an email and I will gladly post it. -- Peter

Sergey - Custom Made PCP Pistol

April 7/09

Added another page of pictures to Russian - Victor Build pages.
Very interesting "fantasy" air pistol made my him.

Page 2 - Russian Airgun Making

I had wanted to work late tonight but a headache made me call it quits and go home.
Really would like to finish the rifles I am working on before May 4. I am scheduled
for hernia surgery May 5. After surgery I have two weeks of no lifting over 5 pounds. Then
two more weeks of no heavier then 10 pounds and slowly back to normal. I had this procedure
done on my right side 4 years ago, and now have to have the left side done.

I will be starting a new business venture in June. The customer that lost his business
in the fire last week, has hired myself to start a tool & die business for him to replace all his tooling
and the option to continue to work for or go out on my own after. Great opportunity for my
future and theirs. It will also allow my to build better airguns and have more control of
what shop equipment to impliment. Thanks all for reading. Should turn out to be an interesting

April 4/09

Added a new page to Custom Airgun Builders. I had found some really great
builds on a Russian website and asked the builder if I could host his projects
here on this site. I have another great pistol project that I found and hopefully
I can find the builder and contact him about hosting the air pistol.

On top of ever thing that has happened recently one of my customers lost his business
last week. A fire gutted the office and shop in an hour. Firefighters could not
go into the building as propane tanks and other dangerous items could explode.
Customer says he will rebuild, the business was worth $2.5 million. I am hoping
to get back to finishing my Buckley airguns soon as I have surgery May 5 and
have to be off my feet for awhile. Thanks for reading the pages. Feel free to
contact myself at anytime:

March 28/09

I haven't been able to accomplish much this week regarding air rifle projects. Snow
storms and a quick thaw have created extra work. On top of that a serious family
issue has once again raised it's ugly head and will require a few weeks to deal
with. I will not share details here, but will let you know that it threatens
my work and I may need to move on work wise.

I had hoped to be making the 50 Cal barrels but will have to wait. The snow
melting rapidly has caused the yard to become undriveable and I cannot get
the rifling apparatus from the back shed. So will wait with that and try to
focus only on the Buckley rifle building.

I am not sure how much time I will have to update the website over the next
month. I appreciate your prayers while my family sorts out these issues. Thanks,

March 21/09

I managed to squeeze in a little time on milling the actions for the air rifles
I am building. Page 2 of the Concept 4 airgun building has the latest pictures. I
hope to have more complete over the next two weeks.

I have been on the Russian airgun forum last few days. Have been downloading
about 50 MB of pictures. The Russians take everything apart and showcase them in
forum. My dad has an employee that is Russian so he translates some items that are not
clear. Have some ideas on a rifle with a clip for more shots. Lots of great trigger
ideas and will create some pages in the future to show them.

March 14/09

I was able to start on the Concept 4 airgun. Find the links on the home page.
I had hoped to do much more, but a fire in my dad's coal boiler building put an
end to the work day. Somehow the attic had started on fire. We called the fire
department and where able to get most of the fire out before they arrived.

Good thing for warm weather as there were large puddles of water around the
area. Fire fighters ripped out the insulation and plywood and sprayed water
into the walls in case something was still smoldering. We are thinking that
an ember(s) from the chimney started the fire. Thankfully no injuries!

March 7/09

Been working a lot on a customers stamping die. Doesn't leave much time
for airgun building. You will be seeing some pages changing this weekend,
please bare with me as I load and make changes.

I did manage to further my airgun design based on Buckley's
reservoir design. Picture below, it looks a little different then the previous design.
Received the air tank and regulator and have incorporated them into the design. Will
be adding a new page shortly showing the details of what I am building. Much like
Schaeffer's airgun. Schaefer has sent some group targets pictures and a youtube video
and have added them to the website.

Schaefer - Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun Page

I will add links to the index page as well as this one when I have
the new page up. I welcome feedback and questions from anyone.

Any comments - email -

Newest Concept 4

Concept 4 - Reservoir Airgun

February 20/09

Check out some additional pictures of Schaefer's airgun. Blued barrel and custom
trigger. Looks like a great rifle. I did receive the three airgun barrels I had ordered.
Shipping and importing costs where a bit high, but oh well. Waiting on an air tank
from JDS Airman. Still trying to finalize my "Buckley" design and then hope to
start making the airgun. Building three units to test the design. Will be posting
more information when I start making the airguns.
Below is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) picture of the design so far. Still
hope to revise a little and add more cosmetic appeal to it.
Any comments??? - Email -

February 9/09

At home with the flu so added two more pages of some old projects. Simple
way to light your Chrony and a pellet trap I made a awhile ago. Find the links
on the first page under Other Projects. I have ordered 3 - .22 cal barrels and
awaiting their arrival. Hoping to build three rifles in the next few months.
More details on those builds soon as I am still working on the design and
gathering the materials required.

January 29/09

Spent a few hours this week making some changes to the site. Mr. Schaefer sent
me some content about how he built his airgun. I have removed all my photobucket
pictures and will post them over the new few weeks. I cannot keep up with forums
and thought it better to post some past projects on this site for others to view.
I have added the Beeman 1040 page, my first airgun that I modified. It isn't anything
special but was a learning experience. Still have to create links to the page. See link
below to view direct.

Schaefer - Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun Build

Beeman 1040 Trigger mods and Rework

January 24/09

I have added another page to the custom builders. B. Clark and I have
corresponded for awhile now and he has made some really good groupings
using his reamer rifling method. I asked Mr. Clark if I could host some
of his pictures and he will add more comments and content later. Enjoy reading
and seeing his pictures.
I have removed all my pictures from photobucket and will move them over to
to this site. So a few new pages will pop up over the next week. The Beeman 1040
and the Crosman 2200 pump air rifles I modified will make it to these pages.

Enjoy your weekend! Pedro.

Clark - Reamer Rifling Experiments

January 22/09

This is my first update for this year. I have not done anything related to
air rifles since late December. With all the holidays and New Years, didn't
get much chance to work on anything. I hope everyone reading
these pages is having a good start to the year. We are hearing of a recession
but so far not seeing it here in Southern Manitoba. Thank God for that.

I received an email from Mr. O. Schaefer from Sweden. Mr. Schaefer has sent some
very nice pictures of the Buckley Modern Stock Reservoir airgun he built.
Along with some wonderful pictures of lathing and milling setups that he
used to build this rifle. Have a look!

Schaefer - Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun Build

Myself, I am starting to get back into my experimenting now that our extreme cold
weather is over. -35 Celsius is to cold to want to wander out to the shop even
when I have time. A fellow from New Zealand has been sharing his results with his
50 caliber experiments. Hoping to learn from and host his results along side my own.

Any comments, love to hear from anyone. Building something related to airguns,
and want others to see without having to post in a forum - email me the pictures and
details and I will host it an no cost to you. Thanks for reading.

December 20/08

Hope you are warm were ever you are. Experienced windchills of -45 C or -49F
in Southern Manitoba this week. Fresh snow on the ground makes for pleasant
scenery. Not much to report this week. I did try a few more lathed turned pellets
and the testrifle2 page (link below) is updated with the results. Hope to get a chance
to make a mold and try a few designs before I build another rifle to better
test triggers, valves, etc.
Have a great Christmas and New Year!

December 13/08

It sure is cold up here -27 C or -16 F. Dec 15, 16 expecting -32 C (-25.6F)
Made some lathed bullets to try on the 387 barrels I made. For more on this
check out the testrifle2 page. (Link below).
End of the year is approaching quickly so not sure how much more I will get
done be then. Really hope to get something going on 50 CAL but may have to
wait till the New Year to do so.Thanks for reading! Enjoy the holidays!

December 2/08

I have changed my test gun bolt and milled a slot in the breech for easier
loading. I haven't had much time to test it and its become very cold here
in Manitoba. So will see what kind of groups I get hopefully by end of
this month. Working on improving the loading of the round ball. Getting the
ball to fit the barrel rifling when loading and not jamming when pushing the
bolt into the breech. A small 3/16 pin keeps the bolt locked in place.

November 19/08

Last few weeks, I haven't had to much time (again) for air rifle projects. But things
do seem to be slowing down as Christmas approaches. Been trying to think
of something I can make or do to generate some income relevant to airguns.
I would welcome any feedback, ideas from any visitors to this site. I have started to design a
rifle based on the test rifle you see in the pages. Much like the latest Barnes
45 Nitro on his current page (Nov 17-08). I want to be able to give my barrels
a proper test with better design of trigger, valve, breech , etc. I will post some
CAD pics as I proceed with it. I have also thought of adding more resources, such as "how
to" directions on some things to make for airguns. Will think about these things.
Again, any feedback welcome:

October 15/08

I was able to somewhat finish my rifling machine. Visit the new page below for barrel results.

October 8/08

I heard back from Mr. Buckley. I have posted a new page outlining
his new book "Making The Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun". Mr.
Buckley sent me a copy to review. I feel that the money he is
asking for it is well worth it as it is an easy to build, straight
forward for machining for any hobby machinist. Link
below, posted the cover, contents and order information
for the new book. Haven't completed my rifling machine, but
hoping to real soon.

September 24/08

Waiting to hear back from Mr. H.M. Buckley. He sent me a copy of his newest
book to review. He has layed out a really good book and provides detailed plans for building
an "inline" air rifle. Fairly simple design and geared toward the home machinist. Will post all the
details once I hear back from him.

I have many of the parts made for my rifle "machine". I hope to complete and try
it this coming weekend. Usually this is a busy time of year as many customers want to
produce their products before the season is over. Trying to keep some time for myself.
Check back in a few days and I hope to have more details then.

COMIC RELIEF - My wife isn't crazy about my rifles. So she purchased a pistol for me,
complete with ammunition. She thought this would be better and safer. So far I am not convinced.

Uncocked           -            Cocked

September 13/08

Added a new page. Home Shop Builders - under the Resources - Builders -
Home Shop Builds - title on Index Page. I am waiting for content from another
gentlemen and will then post his pictures and build information. I have received
the book in mentioned below and waiting on details from author. His
design for an "inline" reservoir gun is very easy to build for enthusiasts. Will
post as soon as I hear from him. Got a build you want to post? Email me.

September 4/08

Been a few days since I have worked on anything related to airguns. I am building the
parts for a rifling machine that I want to try. My wife injured her back awhile ago and
has been off work. I have been home evenings instead of working late. She is starting
to work a little more so my evenings will be free once again and I can hopefully work on
the new barrels. I am anxious to see if I can get at least 2" groups at 50 yards by
end of this year. At least that is my goal. To bad winter is just around the corner.
Going away this weekend and celebrating
early wedding aniversary. I am awaiting a book to review, and when I
get the book, I will be posting some details for all hobbiest and builders.
Will be posting someones custom build of a Condor type air rifle in about
two weeks. Thanks for reading. Questions, ideas, any thing, email me.

August 18/08

Managed to finish a simple ball mold on Saturday. Made a few castings and seemed to work. Haven't fired
the lead balls as I ran out of time. Added the pics to the index page of the site under Mold & Pellets.

August 14/08

I updated the main, rifling, test rifle pages.
Been thinking about making a swaggin die and might try it Saturday. Along with building a button
rifling machine to pull the button through smoothly without stopping once the button rifling has started.

August 11/08

Over the last few weeks I received some .390 Diameter lead balls and a hand
press. I lathed a sizing die and proceeded to size a few balls. I went over
to a friends range August 8 to try my new trigger and barrel combo. His range
is set to 100 yards and I shot at 40 yards. The balls were not grouping well
and I noticed that my power was not consistent at 2700 PSI. The trigger was
bouncing up against the hammer spring and keeping the hammer from reaching it's
full force when released. I fixed the problems and took it out back at my work.
The rifle shot much better and I got a good idea as to how the barrel currently
groups. About 3" groups at 33 yards. About 4" group at 44 yards. I also performed
a penetration test at 33 yards in a 2X4.

I now need to make another barrel improving the button process. A more consistent
pull will result in a smoother barrel. The current barrel is very "ribbed" inside. I
am surprised it groups as well as it does. Below are a few pictures of the setup and
groupings I shot August 9. As you can see I really missed on the first target. I
managed to improve the groupings on the last two targets.

July 10/08

Last few days I was able to build a .387 bore barrel to tryout on the test rifle
I built. With a few mods to the gun I hope to try it out real soon. Need to make a mold to
cast a few slugs or buy some .395 (40 CAL) Hornaday lead balls. Going to be adding
a double sear soon and perhaps a stock as well. So far I have had good news about
building a larger caliber rifle that shoots under 500 FPS. Still need to verify with lawyer.

I hope to post some pictures of things I have built last few weeks, but will wait till I have
time to add pictures of the bigger bore rifle and its groups.

June 25/08

This morning did a search for more on rifling. I came across Pyramid Air's website
and article on the .50 Cal Dragon Slayer. Links are under this posting. The reason I
bring up the articles, I noticed the velocities that the Dragon Slayer fires the
200 & 225 grain 50 CAL pellet at. Only 567 FPS (Feet Per Second). The author
was still able to hit a target at 50 yards and get fine groupings. It is much
easier to make a larger bore barrel then it is a small bore. Throughout the day
I thought about a larger caliber. If a .50 caliber pellet can be fired at such
low FPS, why not build a rifle that can shoot perhaps a .386 caliber under
500 FPS and see what happens. The reason for .386 is that it is the DOM readily available.

Biggest gain to do so would be the ability to fire under 500 FPS and then
qualify for non restricted airgun in Canada! I looked up the airgun laws
once again to refresh myself on the law. Look under heading #1. In order for
an airgun to qualify as a firearm it has to meet BOTH FPS and Muzzle Energy to be
classified as a firearm. Doesn't mention caliber. Now if a reader knows different
please email me so I can correct what I have stated.

I am thinking about focusing my energy on a large bore air
rifle at this time. #3 buckshot will have to wait until then. Email me your thoughts please.

Canadian Airgun Velocity Law

Dragon Slayer Article Link 1

Dragon Slayer Article Link 2

June 24/08

I added an "about me" page to the home page. Check near the bottom if interested.

I have been researching and experimenting with button rifling for a few weeks
when time allowed. Found an author that has some books he wrote on the subject, as
well as other gun related topics. So I ordered them and should be seeing them next
week sometime.

A link didn't work in the history page so I deleted it. I found a page that I
made long ago and forgot to post. I added it "Rifle Test Rig" - Test Rifle
Concept - is the heading. Deleted the multi-pump concept page. I have no time
to work on another project on top of what I already have been wanting to build.

June 21/08

Added an update page to button rifling. Check out the progress.

April 2008 - Working on the 9 oz rifle. Started the update page!