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SergeyZ Custom Made Airgun

Link to Russian Airgun Forum

I found this custom pistol made by Sergey Z. on the Russian Forum. From the
way that it is built it seems that a lot of improvising was done with limited
tooling. I asked Victor's friend to contact Sergey to ask permission to post
his his custom pistol on my pages. Sergey requested I add the link to the original
posting which is above. If you want to read it, go to and use
the online tranlator for a website. Enjoy the great pictures below.

Custom Made Air Pistol

Pictures of Making the Airgun Pistol

I am amazed at the build of this pistol. Sergey uses common tools and makes
a very sharp looking airgun. I do not have any descriptions for any of the
pictures. I think most machinist would be able to gather enough information
from the pictures to make this pistol? The last picture looks like some hammer
prototyping? It is not the hammer for this pistol.

I trust you enjoyed the pictures. Below is a link to to the
Russian website with no text.

Link to Russian Airgun Forum (pictures only)

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