Buckley Reservoir Airgun

The plan is to build three working rifles based on Buckley's reservoir design.
The build of this airgun will be presented on this page with updates as I can make them.
Changes have been made from the books design and I have incorporated some ideas
of my own.

Get your own copy of the book - Buckley Reservoir Airgun Book

March 9 - 2009

I added a few CAD pictures of the concept4 rifle. I tried to make the barrel a dark
blue, but by the time it was converted appears medium blue. Included some pictures
of the barrels and airtank. I had ordered four feet of 5/8" aluminum. A to much as
I laid out how I can cut the parts and will be able to get six gun bodies from the
piece if required. I have aluminum for the action blocks, just need to cut it to size.
Hoping to get going one some of the parts this week and may have to wait till next week
when I will have more time??.

I have changed the screws from socket head cap screws to slotted stainless machine screws.

13cu inch, 3000PSI, air tank and 1400 PSI regulator.

German made barrels. Very wide grooves and narrow lands.

The aluminum gun body material.

March 7 - 2009

After weeks of designing and reviewing Mr. Buckley's design, I took the time to
create a CAD version of the rifle. I then changed the design to improve the cosmetics
of the rifle. Taking design cues from other rifles and the CP Sport pistol. The airgun
Schaefer built has also played a role in my design. Link below the pistol picture.

Schaefer - Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun Page

I have ordered most of the materials to build this rifle. Aluminum, wood and received
the air tank and regulator this past week. It allowed me to get the design more complete.
Still deciding on what material to use on some parts. Thinking stainless, but it is very
hard to machine. I have the barrels and enough to build one complete rifle. The two others
will be completed without air tank at this time as cashflow is tight. Enjoy reading about
the build!

The reason I call this Concept 4 is due to this being the 4rth design I have
considered. Here are a few CAD images of the proposed airgun. The butt stock
will see some changes, probably look more like one Scaeffer has on his. He informed
me that the stock in teh book is to high and would require adjustment for each
individual to find the most comfortable spot on the shoulder. Compare the design
with Buckley's orginal and you will see how much can be done with this design.

Will be posting pictures of the build as I go along. I have been corresponding
with H.M. Buckley and for now will not be posting any detailed pictures, only the
overall construction.

Some design and performance notes on my build:

* FPS = 810
* Length = 38.06" - Pending stock and barrel length changes
* Construction materials - mostly aluminum, wood - walnut grips and forend stock
* Barrel Type & Caliber = .22 cal x 24 inch, made in Germany (from Mac1 Airguns) Blued and Crowned
* Air Supply - 13 cubic inch, 3000 PSI tank and 1400 PSI regulator
* Color = Still researching, possibly anodized or black oxide finish

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.


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