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Clark - Custom Builds & Reamer Rifling Experiments

Updated Aug 1, 2009

I first had an email from Mr. Clark in July of 2007. He informed me of his
experiments with rifling using a reamer that he reworked for the purpose of rifling.
Mr. Clark has been experimenting with this for awhile and has had very good results.

I thought adding his experiments to my site would help show that there are other ways
of creating rifling and many individuals experimenting with airguns. I have Mr. Clark's
permission to showcase some of his pictures and host for him. Many of the pictures you
see are from his photobucket account you may have seen them in forums.

Quote from email describing his idea,"This year I was looking at a reamer and realized
it was twisted at nearly the same rate as a .50BMG barrel I had: 1-15" and struck
on the idea to form the reamer into a gang broach to cut the rifling in one pass,
as well as guide itself."

Accuracy of his barrels - From an email he sent, using 455gr ammo,
"Actually I only had three left, so that 3-shot group at 55yd was the first
and only group with those. I know I could've done even better, I reckon
0.75" at 55yd from a proper rest."

Another quote on Clarks's accuracy, "The very first shots were just Hornady
.495 round ball, which are undersized for the barrel but I figured it's cheap short-range
plinking ammo. At 25m (27yards) the first two shots were nearly through the same
hole, the third close by. I then adjusted the scope and moved the target out to
50m (55yards). I took a shot with a 285gr blackpowder bullet sized to .501, then
another, but could only see one mark on the target! The third shot opened it up
to a 1" group. By The Way the barrel is running a 1-13.5" twist.

Accuracy Update Aug 1, 2009

Above is a picture of a newer Clark Arms rifle!
Clark emailed me the a about three weeks back and informed me that one of his
customers had achieved almost 1 MOA at 50 yards using A ClarkArms Rifle.
Then a couple of days later an excited Mr. Clark emailed me the results of his
customers's 100 yard results. See link on Airgun Rendezvous website!

Clark Arms 100 yards Link!

Here are some pictures that Clark sent myself to post on this page site! I am very impressed
with his reamer rifling process and the accuracy he has gained from it.

I believe the "Maxiballs" are made by Ron Vogel? I will confirm this.

Clark's Process - Reamer Rifling

Below find some pictures and comments from Mr. Clark.
Content will be added as he has time to supply information on the pictures.

Gun Building

Molds & Calibers

I find these molds very interesting. Looks like a
lot of effort and seem to work well.

Seeing Clark's work, I am thinking of trying his approach using the reamer
rifling method.

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