Mr. Buckley let me know through email that as of Sept. 5, 2012, he has a new batch
or reprints of both books. I do not know the quantity available. Contact him through
email below. Again, be patient and wait for a reply from him.

Mr. Buckley has created a new book complete with drawings. I
have reviewed the content of this new book. The presentation of the
material and design will allow any home-based hobby machinist to
build this rifle.

See pictures of this gun built! Schaefer - Build

** I do not get a commission for any books sold through my website! **

To order send letter to or email:

Modern Pneumatic Airguns Ltd
East Lodge, Snaith Road
East Corwick, Goole *
East Yorkshire
DN14 9DA England


*Small correction - I had Godle, as that was in the other book, but it is Goole.

Mr. Buckley will respond to your letters and email. Give him
sometime to respond. He is a busy gentleman.

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