Oct 042020

Thought I would provide an update for my wife’s condition. Cannot believe its been 3 months, going on 4.

A lot of up and downs in the last few weeks. She was on a steroid since June, and was to be tapered off but doctors missed it. Side affects are retaining water, her ankles and legs were swollen, her mobility suffered. Doctors finally are tapering it off and her walking has improved. Had many tests last few months. Recent CT scan shows no new tumors growing (at this point) but she had bad pain last week. The CT scan did show severe blood clotting in her lungs so we were told to visit ER immediately. She is on blood thinners now and antibiotics.

We meet with the oncologist next week as chemo might be use once more to improve her quality of life. Her cancer is metastatic and slowly spreading. The tumors in her brain have shrunk from radiation, but always risk of more forming. She forgets words, and where I am at times etc. I asked our local cancer doctor about he initial ER doctors prognosis and she said not to go by that as they really do not know. He had said she has 6 to 12 months.

So we take things day by day. Some days are long. We are hoping another treatment would at least allow her to be more mobile and feel “better” so she can go out and enjoy the time she has left. Being stuck in bed or a chair all day is no life.

Needless to say I am not building, shooting or much during this time. Thanks for visiting the site!


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