Dec 082012

Recently had the idea of making my Condor into a big bore using a barrel I made four years ago.

Rather than typing all the details here, visit the pages below on the project. Thanks for visiting my site!

Condor Conversions Page 1

Condor Conversion Page 2

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Nov 282012

It has been a long few months since I have posted in my blog. Truth is hadn’t had the ambition, a lot of stress past few months. Soon I can share what some of those stresses are, mostly work related.

Getting back into airguns a little. Recently I took the time to draw in CAD, my Airforce Condor rifle. I had wanted to do this since early spring but didn’t want to have the gun taken apart when I could be shooting it.

Looking at the design it dawned on me that the .384″ barrel I made a few years ago as a trial would almost bolt right into the Condor. The DOM barrel tube is 0.627″ and the 16mm Condor is .630″. Very small difference and for taking the time just to try it, could be fun?

So next few weeks I will convert the Airforce Condor to the large barrel. The one air tank I have already has a high-flow valve so this might all fall into place. Need to make a breech and top-hat for 9/16 diameter.

Will ensure I take pictures of the project as it comes along!

Currently have two airgun designs on the back-burner. One is a .22 side lever and the other a .308 bigbore. Found a supplier for bigbore airgun barrels and will be taking a serious look at these projects in the New Year.

Thanks for reading ~ Pedro