May 242020

I completed page 3 of my .308 airgun build. I also added the disclosure page and two previous pages on molds that I had missed.

More pages to come regarding testing the .308 big bore. I was able to get a few shots May 23, 2020 and need to make some adjustments.

Thanks for stopping by ~Pedro

May 152020

This morning I started to look through picture and create the webpage for the .308 air rifle I am building. It is modeled after the Airforce Airgun’s 45 caliber Texan. Been a long process to get the rifle as far as it is now. Many life interruptions have halted the project.

Due to the covid 19 outbreak my work is slow and down to 3 working days a week. This allows for more time for projects at home and decided it was time to once again tackle this project and to do some actual airgun shooting.

I have setup the new page on the Airgun Projects menu. Page 1 is complete. You can visit the page here…

Thanks for stopping by. ~Pedro

May 092020

I spent almost all day Friday and Today (Saturday) discerning the code to create a drop down menu that would be adequate for mobile devices. I am hoping that the new menu will make the site more user friendly.

Now I can focus back on the .308 build that I haven’t posted. I will try to get up some posts in the next few days. All new content will be posted here so that visitors are aware. Check out the site

Thanks ~ Pedro