Apr 112021


Since the last update things have slowly progressed worse for my wife. She spent a week in the hospital in late January with a fractured tailbone and then spent Feb 14 to March 15th in the hospital due to infections in her intestines along with abscesses. Most was cleared up with antibiotics and surgery wasn’t required, but always a last resort if things wouldn’t heal up.

It has been a month that she is home and we have homecare twice daily, which helps. Her mobility suffers and has to use a walker to keep from falling. Her morphine is a very high dose to keep the pain at bay. I wake at 3 am to help her move in the bed, otherwise she is stuck in the same position for the night. That is where things are for now. Will update again when things change. Doctors are still unclear as to how long she has, could be weeks or it could be months.


I did manage to complete two more videos earlier this year. Unfortunately, I currently do not have much time to work on the airguns as wife’s care takes up much of the day. I do hope to make some progress on the .308 and also complete another “Concept 4” that I built 8 years ago. Will see what the next few weeks or months allows.

Thanks for checking in!


May 082020

Over the course of this week I have been working at updating the airgundevelopment website. It has been a long while since I have posted and forgot much of the coding. Thankfully some of it comes back as you stumble along. Created a navigation menu which was lacking. Also have incorporated some coding to make the site a little more mobile friendly.

I can only do so much as to hire a professional is to expensive. So over the next few weeks expect a few things to change as you visit the site. I do hope to add a few new pages to highlight my latest .308 build.

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks ~ Pedro

May 052020

So after many years, I am finally back updating my airgun website. Many things have happened in the last seven years. I changed jobs, moved to another city and no longer had access to machinery. Recently noticed that my blog wasn’t working so have fixed this.

When I moved to my current residence I contacted a gentleman I know who was an amateur gunsmith. His full-time work was house siding and said he was to busy to do any gunsmithing. So I offered to buy out his lathe and mill.

Over the course of a few months I created my own little “shop” in my garage. Adding machines as I went along. Needed a band saw and found a used one. Needed some serious work and rebuilt it. Works well for what I use it for.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the website. I want to add a navigation bar to make it easier to move through the site. Also to make the site more mobile phone friendly. When I started the site back in 2007, mobile phones were just starting to come on the scene and I didn’t know that would be the direction media would go.

Other things have also taken place since I started this site. I had added google adsense which was a real blessing as it help pay for some things. Since about 3 years ago, Google adsense terminated my funding as I was “creating weapons” and that didn’t adhere to their new policy. So if you enjoy my site, please consider becoming a Patreon. I will be working on some benefits in different tiers over the next while.

Thanks for visiting. Pedro

Update April 14, 2010

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Apr 142010

Hello Airgun Enthusiasts,

I thought I would take a little time to update the blog. I have been working a lot of hours last few months and have had little time to make any updates to pages. Currently have some pictures waiting to be posted on a new build from Ola B. from Sweden. A few others pages also required updating.

I am hoping to be able to use a shop soon to work on my two air rifle builds. Not sure yet how my current employer will react when I inquire about using his shop. Other option is to use my dad’s shop, but is so much easier not having to drive 1/2 hour and have new machines available to you. I will let you know how I make out. I will add some pictures of the equipment used at my current employment.

It has been good that I could work a lot of extra hours on a project at home. Will help pay the tax man what I owe for taxes last year 🙁  – Oh well such is life in Canada or USA, you make money you owe taxes. Should be thankful we have employment!!

Please refer back to the page in about a month. I will try to start updating pages next week if I can. I will post the changed pages in the blog for easy access.

If you are building an airgun or have something related that you would enjoy sharing with the airgun world please contact me. I host builds, and will host other things of interest airgun related for FREE!!

~ Pedro