Aug 052013


Finally getting around to updating my pages. Please have a look at the pages showing what I was up to this spring. More changes coming as you may noticed last day or two, been trying different themes. Many ideas will be shared soon regarding the future of this website. I would like more feedback from my regular visitors. Will share my thoughts on this during the week.

Airgun Condor Mod – added a page to show the results of the last shoot.

Project 22 HH – where I am at with this project mentioned in my last update.

 Building any project of your own? Doing any airgun shooting? Please feel free to send an email or find me on twitter! @airgundevelop


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May 032013




Hello Readers,

I haven’t posted in awhile. Haven’t really done anything with airguns so far this year. Thinking of creating a new rifle with side lever pellet probe and left hand cocking lever.

First have to do some testing to see if I can use the 22 Cal barrel I have. I want to be able to launch a heavy pellet, like 45 to 50 grains, accurately. Will use a testing apparatus I made years ago as the barrel will fit. This allows then to try longer homemade pellets  or purchased pellets.





This will probably be my summer project pending on the results I get on some heavy pellets. Will then finish the design as I need to know how much hammer strength and travel I will need to launch the heavy pellet.

Thanks for reading. I will try to update as often as I can.

~ Pedro

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Feb 052013


Mr. Cerdan sent some pictures of his newest airguns. A rifle and two pistols. Again his builds are amazing, the detail he goes to to make them look like real firearms sets his creations apart!

My wife made a cake for me today, on my birthday. Was her first real attempt at making a cake from scratch, was very good!

When I saw the cake, I asked her, is that an airgun at the top? She had tried to create one from icing. 🙂


To see Cerdan’s newest creations visit the page!


Thanks for visiting! ~ Pedro

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Jan 242013

Last year I completed the Buckley inspired rifle and I was hoping to get a chance to increase the feet per second (FPS) on the custom airgun. Earlier this week I set up my chrony and the resulting average was 716 fps with a .22, 14.3 Crosman Hollowpoint pellet.

Taking the gun apart I drilled all the 1/8″ air feed holes up to 3/16″. Resulting velocity increased to a three shot average of 749.

From there I removed the hammer spring and place a 1/4-20 hex nut behind it for a little more preload. Three shot averaged 796 FPS and highest was 805 FPS.

Energy produced prior was 16.4 fpe and 20.5 fpe with the changes. Hoping to increase the FPS to around 900 if feasible.

Calculating the changes with percentages it works out to 12.5 increase in velocity and a 25 percent increase in power!



Given these results I worked out the power at 900 FPS would result in power of 25 fpe. So that will be the goal for spring.

Thanks for reading.

Dec 252012

I would like to wish all my website visitors a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a great time around family and friends.

Yesterday I was able to update a few pages. One page I thought I had added awhile ago but had forgotten to post in the site is now working.

Mr. Lane has built many airguns and related airgun items. Be sure to check out his YOUTUBE channel, link at the bottom of the page. One job I wouldn’t mind having, making and working on airguns fulltime 🙂

In May I had promised to post pages for a custom 2240. I had forgotten about it and hope Carl H. from the UK can forgive me for taking so long to show off his custom 2240 pistol!

Later this week I am hoping to chronograph my Airforce Condor with the “40 cal” conversion to determine the current velocity. Also want to see the grouping with the homemade barrel in a better setup than four years ago. I read an article by Tom Gaylord on the Benjamin (Crosman) Rogue and want to see if my groups will compare. Article is a good read and supplies some pratical insight into big bore pellets.

Thanks again for stopping by my website. I answer most emails so feel free to send or comment on anything. ~ Pedro


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Dec 082012

Recently had the idea of making my Condor into a big bore using a barrel I made four years ago.

Rather than typing all the details here, visit the pages below on the project. Thanks for visiting my site!

Condor Conversions Page 1

Condor Conversion Page 2

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Nov 282012

It has been a long few months since I have posted in my blog. Truth is hadn’t had the ambition, a lot of stress past few months. Soon I can share what some of those stresses are, mostly work related.

Getting back into airguns a little. Recently I took the time to draw in CAD, my Airforce Condor rifle. I had wanted to do this since early spring but didn’t want to have the gun taken apart when I could be shooting it.

Looking at the design it dawned on me that the .384″ barrel I made a few years ago as a trial would almost bolt right into the Condor. The DOM barrel tube is 0.627″ and the 16mm Condor is .630″. Very small difference and for taking the time just to try it, could be fun?

So next few weeks I will convert the Airforce Condor to the large barrel. The one air tank I have already has a high-flow valve so this might all fall into place. Need to make a breech and top-hat for 9/16 diameter.

Will ensure I take pictures of the project as it comes along!

Currently have two airgun designs on the back-burner. One is a .22 side lever and the other a .308 bigbore. Found a supplier for bigbore airgun barrels and will be taking a serious look at these projects in the New Year.

Thanks for reading ~ Pedro




Jul 312012

Mr. Cerdan from Argentina sent me pictures last week of his latest air rifle build. It is a single shot, CO2 powered, airgun replica of an M1A1 Thompson SMG. The details he went to are amazing as you can see in the pics.

Visit his latest page:
Cerdan’s Latest Rifle

Trying to update my website as I can. I am off work today and tomorrow as I am having a procedure performed to find out why I have been having stomach and intestine problems. Hopefully its minor but will know more by end of tomorrow.

Enjoy 🙂

Heres two pictures that are on the page.

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Jul 102012

I have spent last few evenings editing pictures and webpages. Created 4 new pages showing off all the remaining building of this airgun.

Hope others enjoy seeing the build as much as I enjoyed making the airgun. Lots of pictures and left them rather large, be patient while pages load.

I have linked all the pages so navigation should be rather easy from page to page. I welcome all comments regarding this air rifle.

airgundevelopment index

Link will tale you to the website and all links are under the Current Airgun heading.

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Jul 072012

I took the time to work on some pages to finish off the airgun project and show everyone the results. Still need to fine tune the rifles but they are fun to shoot and will be spending the summer doing that.

Concept 4 Page 8

Concept 4 Page 9

I have lots of pictures and didn’t both with the thumbnail as it is to much editing. I made all pictures 800X600 pixels so most can load fairly quickly.
About another 50 pictures coming along with the finshed pictures of the rifle.

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