Jul 032021

Hello, it is with a grieving heart that I share the passing of my wife yesterday July 2, at 10:40am. I am thankful that I could be at her side. June 11 she had surgery to reroute her intestines into a colostomy. Her having fought cancer for the last 2.5 years, all the meds and complications progressively made things worse. She was recovering well after the last surgery but last weekend she started to decline. Another infection had started and her decline went quickly.

This past week she was mostly sleeping and the last real conversation we had was Monday. The rest of the days was slight moans of “yes”. Yesterday morning she had enough clarity to answer “yes” to pain, and comfort, the two days previous there had been no response.

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts for us. She is with her Lord and Saviour now and will enjoy eternity in heaven. We will meet again.

Thank you,



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