Jun 022020

So last few weeks my wife has been feeling off. Shooting pains into her head that only last a few seconds. Her balance feeling off among other things. We scheduled a doctor visit (over phone consultation due to covid) but things were increasingly more painful. My wife had gone through ovarian cancer last year, 18 weeks of chemo once a 1 week and we thought all was good.

Last week, May 28th, I took her to ER as her pain in the morning had increased. After waiting, and waiting, seeing a doctor who said all looked normal, he ordered a CT Scan due to my wife’s history with cancer.

My wife said when he came back he didn’t have to say much as she could see it in his eyes. His demeanor had change and she told him, you can come in and tell me, I went through this all last year.

Well her cancer is back and has metastasized. Along with forming two tumors in her brain. Doctors figure she has mayby 6 months to a year. Maybe less, maybe more, they do not know.

So with that starts all sorts of appointments again and waiting for them. Needless to say I will once again be delaying anything related to air rifles. I still hope to complete a few more pages on the .308 build but will see how things progress. I am only alloted so much time to be off as a caregiver and eventually compassionate care so we choose for me to work as much as I could now as I will need the time off later.

Thanks all who visit the site. My posts will be random as I can make time or even have time.

~ Pedro

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