May 052020

So after many years, I am finally back updating my airgun website. Many things have happened in the last seven years. I changed jobs, moved to another city and no longer had access to machinery. Recently noticed that my blog wasn’t working so have fixed this.

When I moved to my current residence I contacted a gentleman I know who was an amateur gunsmith. His full-time work was house siding and said he was to busy to do any gunsmithing. So I offered to buy out his lathe and mill.

Over the course of a few months I created my own little “shop” in my garage. Adding machines as I went along. Needed a band saw and found a used one. Needed some serious work and rebuilt it. Works well for what I use it for.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the website. I want to add a navigation bar to make it easier to move through the site. Also to make the site more mobile phone friendly. When I started the site back in 2007, mobile phones were just starting to come on the scene and I didn’t know that would be the direction media would go.

Other things have also taken place since I started this site. I had added google adsense which was a real blessing as it help pay for some things. Since about 3 years ago, Google adsense terminated my funding as I was “creating weapons” and that didn’t adhere to their new policy. So if you enjoy my site, please consider becoming a Patreon. I will be working on some benefits in different tiers over the next while.

Thanks for visiting. Pedro

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