Aug 292013

August is drawing to a close and along with it the nearing of fall. Summer this year in Manitoba has been odd. July was very cold, mid 60’s (16 c) and only the last two weeks have been hot and humid.

Despite the abnormal weather it seems as the farmers are still getting good crops but haven’t heard any bushel amounts. My work is agriculturally based and orders are coming to an end with production catching up.

I had wanted to spend the summer doing more shooting but looks like I will have to sneak a few evenings and Saturdays  before the cold weather sets in.

Airgun Builds

The summer project 22 will now turn into my fall project. From the little test shooting I did it seems very feasible to make a rifle to shoot the heavier 22 caliber pellets. A large valve and correct weight hammer with matched spring will make the rifle perform the way I expect.

Buckley Books

A few visitors to the website have sent emails asking about the Buckley books. Mr. Buckley still has books available for purchase. Use the email on the book pages to contact him and be patient. He does take sometime to respond but he does reply.


I would like to hear comments from visitors to my site. Looking at making changes over winter and looking at a few options. Would the site still have the same appeal if I created a more professional look to it. Add proper menus on top for navigation, more links to pages to be able to find content easier? What is missing?

  • Would a monthly newsletter be anything someone would subscribe to?
  • More focus on building with detailed pictures, do I host pages under members only?

Feel free to email your thoughts. I welcome all comments to improve this site and what I do with airguns.

Thanks for reading. ~ Pedro

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