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Making of Lead Pellet Molds & Casting

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Firstly, square your vise on your milling machine. Set up your blocks to machine. Move your
cutter to the material until it touches and set your "Y" axis zero point. Begin to feed into
the material until you reach your desired depth. I used scrap aluminum from previous work.

On "Y" jog in half the diameter of the lead pellet. You can see it on the screen that I jogged .110"
into the block. I machined a few a few pockets .375" centers. Then move to the other block
and do the same thing.

First pictures shows the cutter and aluminum block. I used a stone to hone the burrs from the edges.

I used our heat treat oven to melt the lead. As you can see the oven gets pretty
warm. Keeping the oven around 1000 deg. F. Once the lead gets to temperature you can
pour the lead into the mold. Use proper ventilation.

I used a vise to hold the two halfs together with a pin in the middle to align. You can
see the lead being poured and allowit to freeze.

Rotating the steel top of the mold, the 1/8" inlet holes will act as a cutoff,
leaving only the correct size pellet. Open the mold and remove the casted pellets.
I checked the size with a micrometer. Pending on how accurate the cutter is machined,
the correct depth in the mold will determine how the accurate the pellets will be.
You can size the lead pellets after to get a better diameter.

Need reference materials for machining?

I have collected a few books on Amazon for referencing. The "Machine
Shop Trade Secrets" is a very good book to own. Author has written a
book with lots of practical machining examples.

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