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M. Cerdan Airgun Building - Page 3

M. Cerdan is an airgun builder from Mendoza, Argentina.
Here is one of his latest builds. An airgun replica of an M1A1 Thompson SMG. This time it iss a single shot,
bulk fill CO2 minirifle. It sports a .22 caliber 13" long barrel and gets 61 shots on average of 561fps. Down
In Argentina they are in their winter months. Cerdan hopes to get 600+ fps in the summer and a few more shots.
Cerdan could exchange count shots for speed but for a plinker he says it's okay.

Here are some pictures of this current air rifle build.

Replica of an M1A1 Thompson SMG - Added July 31, 2012

All workmanship is performed by Mr.Cerdan. Thanks for reading, I will
continue to post Cerdan's builds as he send pictures.

Hope you enjoy seeing his work as much as I do.