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Custom Airgun Builders

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M. Cerdan Airgun Building

M. Cerdan is an airgun builder from Mendoza, Argentina. He started building Co2 airguns
a few years ago and wanted to share a few pictures of the airguns he builds. All of his airguns
are bolt operated and multishot.

I was telling Mr. Cerdan that I wish I had his resources and he repled, I have a lathe and a small milling
machine, all in a 12´ x 9´room so there is not too much resources to speak of. It is just time to design and build.

About this rifle. It´s a bulk fill Co2 bolt action repeater in .22" caliber, it fires 15.74 grains at an
average of 692 fps the first 28 shots. The action is machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum stock, handguard
is aluminum with 4 weaver rails to attach bipod, flashlight or a laser sight and the stock is from a paintball
marker.All aluminum pieces are sand blasted and then anodized for a black matte finish.

Here are some pictures of his current air rifle build.

A Field Target 4 Shot CO2 Rifle

Custom Pistols - May, 2012

Mr.Cerdan sent a few pictures of two of his new models of CO2 pistols. Both are based on the same mechanics
of the Model 11 pistol. I call them Model 9 and Model 38. The model 9 is a compact version of the M11 with
20mm shorter barrel and an open slide like the Beretta 92 9mmm pistol. The other pistol is more classic in
design, also lighter and with a longer barrel.

I asked Mr.Cerdan about the wood grips whether he made them himself? He replied, the black grips are homemade.
He made a silicon rubber mold of an airsoft pistol grip and copied it with polyester resin. The checkering of
the original was reproduced by the rubber and he did not make them himself.

The other wood grips were made entirely by hand. Then sanding to #800 sandpaper and coating with linseed oil.
Currently most of Mr. Cerdan's building is pistols as rifles take much longer. He prefers to work with CO2
and it is easily refilable in his country.

Thanks for reading, I will continue to post his builds as he send pictures.

Custom M16 - CO2 - Replica Air Rifle - May 21, 2012

Mr. Cerdan sent me fresh pictures of his latest build over the weekend. It is a M16 CO2 replica air rifle
and all hand made as usual. This time the stock and forearm were painted satin black and the action is black
anodized. I enjoy seeing Cerdan's builds as he puts hours into the detail and the fine finished results.

Hope you enjoy seeing his work as much as I do.