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M. Cerdan Airgun Building

M. Cerdan has sent me some incredible pictures of his airgun building.
Mr. Cerdan is from from Mendoza, Argentina. He started building Co2 airguns
a year ago and wanted to share a few pictures of the airguns he makes. All of
his airguns are bolt operated and multishot.

Mr. Cerdan is currently building more rifles and has agreed to send pictures
of his building. Here are some of his current builds.

A Field Target 4 Shot CO2 Rifle

AR15 - CO2, Bulk Fill, 4 Shot Linear Clip AR15 Style Rifle

AR15 - Added Pictures November 27, 2010

AR15 - Model 40 Added Pictures November 27, 2010

Model 40 - Bulk Fill 6 Shot Rotary Clip CO2 Rifle

Model 40 - November 27, 2010

Model 40 Black Nikel CO2 Rifle

More to come as Mr. Cerdan sends pictures of more building.

Model "1911" - November 2011 (Posted Mar 16, 2012)

Mr. Cerdan sent me these pictures back in November, 2011.I had forgotten about them till recently as
at the time of receiving the pictures, I was busy planning the trip to Bolivia. Here are the details of this build.

M. Cerdan: "I have developed a new Co2 pistol that I like to show you. It is a bulk fill, single shot, .22 cal pistol. It
is all made from scratch, only the barrel is not made in the shop. It shoots 15.74 grains pellets at 450.5fps,
about 9.6 Joules of energy (7 ftLb) with a 150mm (6") barrel.I am sending you pictures of two pistols, the very
first prototype without anodizing and a fully anodized and nikel finish. I call it the model 11, it was supposed
to have a 1911 style frame but I change the profile to a more Beretta style frame."