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Hughes - Custom Reservoir Airgun Build

Mr. H.M. Buckley's new book was the inspiration for Mr. Hughes from the UK to build
a great looking rifle. Here are some excerts from his email. (edited)

Hi, came across your air rifle site site today. I started my first rifle 12 months ago
when I retired from daily toil. As you can see from the pictures it is based on Buckley's design.
The valve assembly is not a separate unit,but is machined from a solid. The trigger is also
much modified from original design. The air rifle took about 4 months to make,including a
valuable heap of scrap. ~Hughes

Mr. Hughes is working on a second gun. The air chamber will be in the front made from
7068 aluminium. It should be finished before March. I enjoy seeing what others are building
and hope to be able to include more of Mr. Hughes builds in the future.

Want to build your own air rifle? Click link below to get the Buckley design book.

Click here for Buckley Reservoir Design Book

Hughes - MK2 Airgun Build - Added Sept. 19, 2011

Here is Mr. Hughes second build. He had sent me the pictures
awhile ago but been so busy that I haven't posted the pictures. It has a 25 shot rotary clip. Below are
two pictures of the airgun stripped down.