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B. Cole - Custom "In-Line" Build

As a first time builder, I wanted to see if I could
construct a viable air rifle using information that was freely available on the
internet. My search lead me to Pedro's "Air Gun Development" site and subsequently
H.M. Buckley's book titled "The Modern Pneumatic Air Rifle". After reading
the book, and having only basic metal working skills I doubted that I was capable
of completing this project. At that point I started to explore other websites and
discovered the "in line" air rifle design which utilizes a simplier approach. This
design is used to great effect in the AirForce Talon rifle.

My design goal is to create a rifle capable of matching my Career Dragon
Slayer.50 cal rifle, which I am very impressed with. I still have a long way
to go regarding the completion of this rifle; however, Working on this rifle
has given me the requisite skills needed to build the rifle in Mr. Buckley's book.
It is better to try and fail then to fail to try. Thanks for the encouragement Pedro!

Specifications of Build

* Velocity = Approx. 600 - 700 FPS
*Barrel Length = .752 OD - DOM tubing with a .196 wall, length 22"
* Caliber = .36 (I can mold my own lead balls)
* Air Source = Scuba tank and/or CO2 bottle
* PSI = HPA (poss 2000 PSI) or CO2 (App 1000 PSI)
* Projectiles = Sabot rounds, flachettes, muzzle loader balls, and darts
* Range= >100 yards (my Dragonslayer can hit steel plates with authority at 106 yds!

B. Cole - Resides in Southern California

More Pictures to come !