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Update March 9, 2009

I have turned my efforts into building a rifle based on Buckley's reservoir
design and will come back to this build in the future. See link underneath for web page.

Concept 4 - Reservoir Airgun

June 24-2008

I have started on the bottle adaptor. Basically as far as I
have progressed with this project. End of March I took
on a few more dies to build and that left little time for
hobby projects. I will update as I build this rifle.

9oz CO2 Air Rifle

Here are a few more CAD images of a proposed build planned for this year. Plan on
finalizing the design soon and start machining all the components.
Click on the picture to see larger image!

The design is based on the gun in the picture below. I found it on the Canadian Airgun Forum.

I could not get the link to work, so you will have to copy and paste the URL to your browser.

Not to many details are given on the rifle. Rifle was designed and built
by someone in the UK. Built for an oil company. Shots non-metalic ammo.

Some design and performance notes on my build:

* FPS = under 500
* Length = 38.8"
* Construction materials mostly aluminum
* Barrel Caliber = .22 cal
* 9 oz - Paint ball reservior
*Weaver rail mounting
*Color = Flat black

I welcome any feedback and suggestions related to this build. I plan
on adding pictures once I start to build the rifle(s).