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Next Project - 22 Caliber Side-Lever

Winter 2012

During the winter of 2012 I have been thinking of what my next project might be. If you have been following my
website for awhile, I tend to throw out ideas and see what happens. One barrel remained from the Concept 4 builds
and thought it would be an idea to build a 22 Caliber air rifle capable of launching heavier pellets. This build
will be referred to as 22HH (Heavy Hitter) and hopefully it will live up to its name shooting heavy 22 Cal.

After reviewing a few ideas I came up with the following design and it still requires work. The trigger
and safety need to be integrated into the design. I may try building my own reservoir as it looks nicer than a tank
but a tank is proven. Now a days longer tanks are available for purchase.

May - 2013

One of the draw backs of not building a lot of airguns is knowing the specifications to launch a heavy pellet. Many
variables exist, how strong of a spring, how heavy a hammer, length of travel for hammer, and valve diameter size. For
myself I decided to use the experimental apparatus made a few years prior to test the feet per second of pellets and
overall feasibility. Below are pictures from the month of May as I spent a few evenings modifying the test gun.

To keep the breech together I had to incorporate two long 1/4 bolts. Without spending a lot of money at the time,
it was the quickest solution I came up with at the time. Pellet loading area is still a bit small for how the probe
engages the barrel. Have to make it better for ease of loading a pellet.
Captured a video showing how the breech closes and trigger releases the hammer.

I was finally able to shoot the rifle and shot directly from the 2500 PSI fill. Target set out at 60 feet. Again
like I mentioned in the Condor Mod post I forgot my gun rest. Had to shot off some wood. Groups are not the greatest.
Long ago I made some 22 caliber pellets, I believe 30 grains. Having swaged and sized the pellets, I shot a few
groups. Almost as good as the Crosman Hollow point Premiers. These are cylindrical as the pictures shows and a hollow base.

More to come in the following weeks. Visit when you can and hopefully have some updates for fall.

Some design and performance notes on my build:

* FPS = 800+ with heavy pellets
* Construction materials - steel, aluminum, brass and wood - walnut stock
* Barrel Type & Caliber = .22 cal x 24 inch, made in Germany (from Mac1 Airguns) Blued and Crowned
* Air Supply - Either custom reservoir or a 3000 PSI tank and 2800 PSI regulator
* Color = Found the nearest CeraKote applicator, may try it

Need an air tank for your project? - Check out JDS Airman

Any feedback and suggestions related to this build are welcome.