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Crosman 2240 Showcase

Tim's 2240 Air Pistol

Link to Page on forum

Content taken from link above.

Tim in NC (Crosman Forum) sent me the link.

All the "Pellet" parts on this 2240 are made by Gil.

The break is a hollow point "Pellet". The CO2 cap is a pointed "Pellet" he bolt
handle is a hollow point "Pellet". The trigger shoe and safety were made by Gil. The
breech is from RJ. We added gold leaf to RJ's logo. When the gun is un-cocked the power
adjuster handle looks like a wadcutter.

But when the gun is cocked, the power adjuster handle looks like a JSB Predator.The
power adjuster has a full length spring guide, that's how the power adjuster handle
changes its look. The paint was done by Alan. This is a new kind of paint he was testing
out. I always need an Art part on my gun. So Art made me the breech plug that looks like
a "BB". The grips were made by Rick and look real nice. The rear sight is just a plastic
Crosman sight that we covered in gold leaf.

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