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An arrangement of airgun making, from barrels to eventually complete PCP rifles!
Testing and experimenting since 2007!

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Updates Page - Journal of Updates Related to Airguns

BLOG Style Update Page

Older Update Progress Page - May 7/09 to June 21/09

22 Caliber Side Lever - Project 22HH - On Hold
Project 22 HH Page 1

Condor Airgun Mods, Dec 7 - 2012
Condor Big Bore Trials
Condor Big Bore Page 2
Condor Big Bore Page 3
Condor Big Bore Page 4 - July, 2013

Current Airgun Project - COMPLETED

Concept 4 - Reservoir Airgun Design - Page 1
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 2
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 3
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 4
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 5
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 6
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 7
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 8
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 9
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 10
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 11
Concept 4 - Airgun Making Page 12

About Me and How I Got Started in AIRGUNS
My Introduction to Airguns
A Little About Me
My Beeman 1040 Mods
My Crosman 2200 Mods

Other Airgun Makers - Hobby, Resources
Hobby - Airgun Makers
"Pro" Airgun Builders
Airgun History Links

Button Rifling Experiments
50 CAL Stainless Airgun Barrel Experiment - Nov 14, 2009
Button Rifling .385 caliber - Oct 20, 2008
Button Rifling - Aug 14-08
Test Homemade Barrels

H.M. Buckley's Modern Pneumatic - Books & Builds
Modern Stock Reservoir Airgun
My Build - Modern Pneumatic Airgun
Modern Pneumatic Airgun Book by H.M. Buckley

Airgun Related Projects & Experiments
Homemade Pellet Trap
Homemade Chrony Lights
Airshotgun Projectiles & Experiments

Molds - Pellets & Casting
Ball Mold & Casting - Aug 18-08  
Casting Pellets     Making Pellet Molds

Air Machine Guns
Air Machine Gun Book by Larry Behling
More to come as I get into machine airguns!
Link To Fully Automatic Airgun

Link To Air Machine Gun Website

Airgun Dealers - USA & Canada
List of Dealers

Crossman Valve
Crosman 2200 Valve
Crosman 2200 - More Valve Pictures

Crosman 2240 Showcase & Modifications
Crosman 2240 Pages - Your Mods

Rifle Test Rig
Test Rifle .304 Pellet
Test Rifle Platform & Modifications 

Project 9oz - C02 Bottle
9oz CO2 Air Rifle

Purpose Of This Web Site

Currently the airgun building is for hobby.


Do not work with high pressure air unless you have suitable training.

I have posted these pages for people interested in my progress with airguns.
In the past, I posted my progress in forums and was asked to provide
more information. I thought it was a good idea to make a web site to allow
for more detail and pictures.


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